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Luke's Wohnzimmer

We go on creative
break from
18. April to 25. May.
Alles beginnt mit einer Leidenschaft ICON
drinking, eating, chatting!

Arrive, chill out, relax.

That’s exactly what you can look forward to with us. Because we are far away from the mainstream more than just a restaurant. We are the living room for everyone, where you can hang out, enjoy and pass the time at our shuffleboard.

Luke's Wohnzimmer Drinks

Opening hours and kitchen hours

coffee & cake all day long!

Breakfast 7:30 - 12:00
Kitchen  15:00 – 22:00
Bar 12:00 – 23:00

Count the memories not the calories

Try something new & rediscover the good.
Seasonality, regionality and sustainable handling of food are at the center of our attention, therefore our Schmankerl concept offers you the opportunity to get to know the diverse products of the Salzburg region in our creative interpretations thanks to many small dishes in tapas style. We apply the nose-to-tale concept, which means that we always use the whole animal and only then the next one makes it back to the ripening room. This is also the reason why not all dishes are always available on our menu.

Our menu is based on the LUKE’S principle:

PASSION for cooking
ORIGIN of our suppliers & producers
CREATIVITY of our dishes
SWEETNESS to top it off

LUKE’S Best of Jaus’n
Homemade bread, farm butter, regional Anti Pasti, spicy cucumber, house salami & sausages, Bündner meat, pickled vegetables, humus, cheese from the aging room

Bread Pit
Homemade bread, farm butter & frozen olive oil with herbs.

Pumpkin Bowl
Hummus from
Hokkaido Pumpkin, Black Beans, Pickled Cucumbers,
 Marinated Cauliflower, Spinach, Smoked
Mayonnaise, Purple Carrot, Cornbread

Funky Beetroot Salad
with herb-garlic cream cheese balls & popcorn

Leek Terrine
with potato and crispy goat cheese

Corn Ribs
with homade BBQ Sauce

Vegetarian Cevapcici                                                with arrabiata sauce 

Tom Yam soup
Mushrooms, Cherry Tomato, Coriander, Chilli & Chicken Bouillon)

Salmon Trout 
with blackberries and rona

with trout tatar and carrot dust

Dried fried sturgeon
with warm potato and honey-chili mayonnaise

Assorted Snacks                                             Homemade bread, farm butter & frozen olive oil with herbs, spread, various hummus, pickled vegetables, Austrian bacon jam, minced lard from Wagyu beef

Grilled smoked cheese                                                  with potatoes

Fried King oyster mushrooms

Baked sweet potato                                                    with ratatouille

“Winter asparagus”                                                       with Hollandaise sauce

“Shashimi” from the Mangalica pork                          with crostini and chili honey

Tatar from Pinzgauer Beef                                            cut by hand

Carpaccio from Pinzgauer beef

Bündner meat carpaccio                                              with grissini and baba ganush

Warm carpaccio from venison                                with baked walnut brie and ponzu shoyu

Caviar from salmon trout or perch                            on ice, blini and sour cream

Fish head curry

Sea trout                                                                      with savoy cabbage and focaccia







Tyrolean alpine shrimps

Ragout of lamb liver                                                      with pumpkin allsorts

Grilled beef tongue                                                      with fried potatoes

Beef Wagyu liver                                                              with apple puree and mashed potatoes

Liver from Duroc pork                                                      with apple puree and braised carrots

Baked pork trunk

Loin Steak from Duroc Pork                              (boneless total 200g)

Tomahawk from Duroc pork                                  (from 200 – 500g)

Spare Ribs from Duroc pork                                            with BBQ sauce, cole slaw and roasted potatoes

Shortribs grilled from Wagyu (120 – 150g)

Braised Wagyu beef ribs                                          with mashed potatoes

Grilled beef brisket                                                         with homemade BBQ sauce

Two types of Sirloin from the Prinzgauer beef              a 75g (total 150g) on a hot stone

Two types of Tenderloin from the Pinzgauer                 a 75g (total 150g) on a hot stone

Best of Steak                                                                  flat iron, flank and rump steak (total 300g)

Rib-Eye (300g) from Pinzgauer crossbreed

Rib-Eye from Wagyu (300g oder 500g)

Crispy Melanzani
with tomato dip and lime

3 kinds of hummus
(lentils, beans, peas) with flat bread

Braised Pumpkin – brittle – sour cream panna cotta -black garlic

Purble vegatables Curry                                           with austrian rice

Pulled chicken taco                                                     with sour cream, spring onions, cheery tomatoes and chilli

Bosna                                                                    (cheese krainer, mustard, onion and alpine curry with sweet potato wedges)

Lamb Köfte                                                                  with tabuleh salad, mint yoghurt and pomegranate

with beef or vegan chilli, tortilla, salsa, mountain cheese, cucumber & guacamole

Beef Kebab
with naan bread & yogurt

Filled with pork & olives on lettuce

Burger of your choice
… Classic
… pulled Pork
… Vegan (without Cole Slaw)

All burgers with tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickle, red onion marmalade, pickled cucumber & cole slaw, with wedges

Dry aged Burger 

Red deer Burger                                                          with red currants, jerusalem artichokes crisps and pomegranate

Homemade pasta of your choice:
… black lingunie
… fettuccine
… Spaghetti
… Tomato sauce
… Pesto
… Pumpkin Masala
… Bolognese

Strong beef or vegetable soup of your choice with
… Semolina gnocchi
… Sliced pancakes
… Kaspressknödel
… Noodles & Vegetables

cabbage stew

Curd cheese dumplings                                            with foam of aged mountain cheese


Corn-fed chicken                                                      with nut butter curry and jerusalem artichokes mash

Crispy pork belly                                                        with kohlrabi kimchi and pumpkin seed praline

Lasagne from local beef

Braised beef sirloin
with sweet potato stamp

Boiled rump
with spinach, root vegetables & horse-radish

Ice popsicle (homemade)

Baked ice cream

For the “Chocoholic”                                          (Brownie, hazelnut & chocolate cream)

Nougat dumplings 

Mousse of Styrian “pistachio” – white chocolate

“The Salzburger Nockerl”
in the cup with cranberry foam 

Cream cake with walnut s and frozen homemade rye bread

(6 pcs.) from the grater’s cupboard


Lukas Sendlhofer's in seinem Gastgarten
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Kellnerin im Freiraum

Luke's BAR

Love and live regionally

Our mission was quickly clear: we want to source all products from Austria. In this endeavor, we do not stop at our drinks menu and therefore you will find here, with a few exceptions, only products which are produced in Austria. In addition to Austrian spirits and beverages, you will also find unique specialties far from mass production.

From the Falstaff with
2 cocktail glasses awarded!
Discover our Live Events
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Alexander Egermann WeinflascheSendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Alexander Egermann Weinflasche
weekly changing wine regions
Sommelier Paul takes you on a journey through the Austrian wine regions every Friday starting at 5 p.m. Let yourself be inspired and fascinated by wines from different destinations every week.
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein WeitblickSendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Weitblick
weekly changing acts
A little party never killed nobody. According to this motto we spend our summer with you this year. Every Saturday from 5:00 p.m. in LUKE'S living room you can expect soul food at its best mixed with cool sounds from young artists from Austria.
august 12, 2023
Enjoy a unique summer evening in LUKE'S living room with the exquisite products of the Südsteirer vintners Johannes Firmenich and Wolfgang Maitz. To round it all off, a special surprise menu from top chef Tommy Eder awaits you.
Date Abend in Bad Hofgastein
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frau beim Einkauf in der Genusswerkstatt


A little LUKE'S for home.

In our “Genusswerkstatt” you will find the best products that the Gastein Valley has to offer. Meat and cheese directly from the ripening room, homemade jams and honey pots, but also exquisite wines and regionally distilled spirits are waiting on our shelves.

And besides the culinary highlights you will also find great products for your physical well-being. For example, the care products from Saint Charles!

Whether as a gift or for a special occasion in good company, in our specialty store you will find everything your culinary heart desires.

Pflegeprodukte von Saint Charles in der Genusswerkstatt
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Weinflaschen im Saftladen


Start your day right.

For the perfect start to the day, LUKE’S offers a varied breakfast buffet with market character. And like at any good market, you will find only regional products, from the sausage to the eggs to the freshly baked rolls from the bakery. We source our ingredients regionally. And we only snack on homemade spreads and other delicacies!

Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frühstück
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frühstücksbuffet
Quality that speaks for itself.
2 Gabeln Auszeichnung LUKE'S Restaurant Falstaff
LOGO AMA_Genuss-Region_Gastronomie
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Freunde beim Anstoßen

in luke's Wohnzimmer

Host Christmas parties

We’ll prepare the perfect evening for you. Feast on our 6-course surprise menu in Luke’s style for 35 €/person. Complete your party with a sparkling aperitif to welcome you, cool drinks from our bar and casual DJ music – we’ll design your Christmas party just the way you want it. Just get in touch with us.


wir möchten dich kurz informieren, dass LUKE’S Wohnzimmer vom 10.12.2023 bis 14.12.2023 eine kurze Pause einlegt. 

Ab dem 15.12.2023 sind wir wieder für dich da!

Cheers und bis bald!